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Why are people getting mad at me for posting pics of myself in underwear? Do people ever enjoy the concept of "ART" any more?

Also today I found out my government is finally legalizing marijuana. So at least they are keeping some promises.
I still look good no matter what.
Also it is good to wear good looking under ware so when I do loose my pants I still look good.
Screw the haters. Love your self.
Keep Loving yourself
Sorry about the lighting I love natural light.

Keep loving yourself no matter what.

Do I look better than yellow or black?

All I got is boxers under ware right now. LOL
Love your self.
So those of you who are wondering what I look like in real life.

We should all love who we are. We should judge people by their inside and not by their outside.

Chapter 1

Why don’t you eat?


         Lieutenant Baker lost his family to a home invasion about three years ago. Every call he gets about a home invasion he races there immediately. He hopes he can save their life as he couldn’t save his own family. He swore to him self that no one would fall victim to any crime again. He is also the oldest member on the force at the age of 50. Lieutenant Baker is one of the last officers to carry a police revolver.


         Prince City today in 2035 has old technology. Prince City was a busy town. When technology came in people moved away from the coast. Seems like people don’t like living on the coast of Prince City, they all live in land. Since Prince City lies in an area with the nearest own about 200 miles away they are the nearest help for anybody stuck traveling on the freeway. Later an expressway built but because of a huge earthquake the expressway was totally destroyed.


         The whole town of Prince City keeps to themselves. It seems over the years a dark cloud has erupted over the town. Lieutenant Baker committed him self to protect this city and that what he is going to do. Perhaps this dark cloud has something to do with all these disappearances?


         Lieutenant Baker pulled up in his car to the address. He left his Emergency Lights on as he parked his car on the road. Baker always left his Emergency Lights on while parked on the road. He knew that other drivers would slow down or avoid the area all together. People in Prince City always avoid conflict.


         Lieutenant Baker slowly approached the house. He drew out his Smith and Wesson revolver. Lieutenant Baker has grown very attached to his Smith and Wesson revolver. He believes he uses his words first and his gun last. Baker was always a man who believes in a diplomatic solution to a problem.



         The house was painted all black, had two floors, a front door that Baker noted had three dead bolts and finally the house had no windows. One dead bolt stood at the top of the door, one was in the middle of the door and the final one was at the bottom of the door. This was a bit suspicious to Baker as he thought before entering the house. Why would somebody build a house with no windows and put three deadbolts on their door? Cautiously he approached up the driveway, with on hand on his gun while on his flashlight. Thank god he thought for being ambidextrous.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Vancouver B.C. is where I am from.
I lived in Birmingham U.K. for about 1 year. I was born there.
I live here in Vancouver for most of my life, well 19 years of it, LOL.
Birthday: May 20th the one on here is wrong.

Send me a note and we will chat if I'm online. I'm usually online on Fridays mornings (PST) or Thursday from 3:00pm-5:00pm(PST).

Also don't mind role playing, if I get to be the narrator. I not good at acting out a character but good at describing stuff.

Also ladies I'm still single so hit me up.


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Heya Landino!

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Okay, I'm sorry but after seeing and reading a lot of shit about you, I have one thing to say to you, you are a total fuck boy, and a creep, no one wants to see your nasty ass erections, stop asking me to look at them, you're not even allowed to post that shit on DA, it's "not art" you're just lusty and looking for attention, you're not cute, you're not sexy, you're just nasty, IDK if you're just that blind or that full of yourself.

A tip of advise, leave the girls on here alone, don't ask them to look at your dick, don't bother them for sex, stop watching girls in hopes of gaining a sexual partner, or a 'good time'.

I'm not falling for your BS, you claim you didn't know why you wanted me to look at your dick, sure, and asking me where I live is super creepy.

This is NOT a dating site! Selfies are not 'art' especially ones that are distasteful as yours.
You telling all the girls they are 'beautiful' and then flirting with them and telling them to look at your disgusting filth which is in your gallery is so distasteful, no one is jealous of you, no one needs to see your nastiness, you're a disgrace and I truly feel sorry for you, you can whine, and throw a fit, and complain about people, people are literally laughing about how stupid this is, you're obviously very very desperate if you have to go to posting erection photos, then asking girls to look at them and saying "ladies hit me up i'm single' I want to hit you up..up side the head! learn some self respect, and have decency, why not put some clothes on and read a freaking dictionary, and find out what true art is all about, I am never talking to you again, you can hide my comment, you can block me, whatever, it won't change the facts, good bye, don't bother me or my friends, period.

Before you say "Ohh she hates me baww" I don't, but I am truly disgusted.
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Thanks so much for the watch, I really appreciate it ^^ Please feel free to leave any feedback. I hope you enjoy my work :3 thanks again! ♡
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you're welcome

Happy birthday as well.
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